This coming March, Pastor Mark Smallwood and Matt Marsiske are returning to a continuous building project in Susa, Colombia. From March 22 to April 2, Pastor Mark and Matt will minister the Word of God in churches and also be hands on with the continuation of the Susa Church building project. During this time, they will travel from Susa to Chiquinquirà, Columbia, where they will be digging footings for an expansion on a State-Run Teenage Boys Orphanage Home.  

Your financial contribution will go beyond assisting in the logistics of the trip, to helping supply the very building blocks needed in these facilities that will change lives through Gospel for many years to come. 

Thank you for considering partnering with us this year.

Looking forward, on July 7th 2019, Darren McCrea (our PAOC missionary) will be speaking at MCA to share his work, vision and more opportunities for our church in Colombia. We look forward to bringing a full team in 2020!