Millbrook Christian


A place to connect with:                   

Faith - Family - Friends                        

Our desire at MCA is to . . .

worship corporately and glorify God in heart, soul, mind and strength.

experience God in an awe inspiring way through sharing, discipleship, prayer, worship and service.

express God's love, Word, and Grace to the community around us, through action, lifestyle and word. 

be a connection hub where you can connect to Faith, Family and Friends. 

Our Leadership Team

The staff and leadership here at MCA is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them.

  • Mark Smallwood - Lead Pastor

    I find myself often looking in the mirror and feeling humbled that God would allow me to serve in pastoral leadership. Then I find myself in awe of how absolutely incredible His love, grace and power are. This motivates me to communicate the Gospel message so others can personally experience His Love, Grace, Forgiveness, and Power. Since I began pastoral ministry in 2000, I have been amazed as the power of God changes and impacts lives continually. 

  • Pattie McClean - Children's Ministry Pastor

    THANKFUL!  I am thankful for all God has given me and allows me to do.  Thankful that I come from a large wonderful family.  Thankful that I have an amazing husband, two beautiful and talented daughters and live in the best place in the world.  Thankful that I can spend my days focused on our most precious resource - Children! I have had the joy of being part of Children's Ministry here at MCA for over 7 years and I love it!  Being a big kid at heart what could be better than teaching, sharing, praying, playing and loving kids!  Thankful!

  • Fred Ntwari - Student Ministries Pastor

    God is faithful! I remember when I was first told of the Gospel (around the age of 6), and how much of an impact it had on my life! I was instantly shaken by the weight of who Christ was, the implications it had on my life, and the commitment I now had to make. Looking back, I see that God held His end of the bargain, even when I thought I could do things in my own strength. Many years later, I now have the privilege of speaking Christ into the life of Youth in the Millbrook community, I'm overjoyed!